Search for Snowmobiler Continues 

The search continued Monday for a missing snowmobiler.18-year-old Richard “Shaw” Jackson of China was last seen Friday night.The search as lasted for three days now, but rescuers are not giving up. On Monday morning a forest ranger helicopter scoured the shore line of China Lake.Two planes were also on the lookout for Jackson.The Erskine Academy junior was last seen Friday night at Pinkham’s Corner Fuel, just a short distance from his house. “He said he was gonna go home that was around 8:40 and that’s the last we saw of him,” Said Jackson’s employer, David Pinkham.More than a dozen snowmobile clubs and their riders have joined the search helping wardens travel the trails in the area with hopes to find clues to where Jackson went.With nearly every trail covered, wardens have had to regroup.Leading investigators to China Lake. But one volunteer we found says Jackson had no reason to be on the ice if he was going home. “We’re trying to reevaluate what he may have done,” Said Lt. Gormley with the Warden Service. “As we go further in this we’re going to try and put a boat in the water. I don’t know how feasible that’s going to be at this point, but we do have some equipment that can look underwater.”While wardens focus their efforts on the water, it won’t be easy. China lake covers 4,000 acres and with remnants of this weekend’s storm finding any kind of trail officials say will be difficult. “As you can imagine it snowed upwards of 18 inches and covered any possible tracks that would have been left Friday night,” Said Lt. Gormley.Authorities say even with the lake as a focal point the search is still in rescue mode rather than recovery. A switch nobody wants to have to make. The search was suspended again Monday night, but authorities say they’ll be back out again Tuesday morning.