Pantry Project 

Local businesses and agencies invite you to come on in and help fill the shelves.The United Way of Eastern Maine has teamed up with the Good Shepherd Food Bank for the pantry project, a program aimed at feeding hungry folks through April.The event kicked-off today at Sam’s Club in Bangor, the project’s sponsor.Shelving will be delivered to participating companies.Employees and customers will fill the shelves and box the food, then deliver it to Good Shepherd for distribution.Each business keeps the shelves for a month then pass them along to another business.”This is an incredible need. There are 175,000 individuals in Maine facing hunger and this will really help through the winter months.””A community that does work together strives together. Doesn’t always mean coming in and spending your money. It’s building those relationships with your community and getting out and helping people.”To get your company or organization involved in the pantry project, call 941-2800, extension 208.