Lincolnville Artist Decorates Hutchinson Center 

Thanks to Maine’s Percent For Art program, the Hutchinson Center in Belfast is getting a bit of a makeover. When it came to choosing which artist would have their work on display the committee here says the choice wasn’t easy. Sue Mccullough is the Director at the Hutchinson Center. “It was very difficult,” she says, “we had some very talented people that submitted entries. We thought his one particularly fit this building very well.” Their choice, Janet Redfield, an artist from Lincolnville who has spent more than 30 years in the area. “They wanted something that had to do with the community,” says Redfield, “so I incorporated the two major rivers that are in the Belfast area into the design.”The project is made possible by Maine’s Percent For Art program, which sets aside 1% of constructiuon costs in public buildings for art work. “You know it’s a fabulous program,” says Mccullough, “I think the people of Maine should be very proud that their legislators gave us this opportunity to enhance our lives with the beauty that these art projects bring to our public buildings.”The art that now covers the 18 windows took a lot of detailed work. “The background is clear window glass and the circles are made from stained glass that I cut each piece of colored glass and put it together like a stained glass window,” says Redfield, “but then I put it in my kiln and I heat it to about 1500 degrees and all the pieces of glass become one piece of glass, one circle of glass.”Visitors and Univeristy of Maine students that spend their time here get to reap the benefits of Redfield’s hard work.