Folk Festival Gets 100-Thousand Dollars from Anonymous Donor 

They say it came out of the blue, but they’re grateful.The American Folk Festival, held on the Bangor waterfront every summer, received an anonymous donation last week of one hundred thousand dollars.Money they say went straight to paying off debts.”They want to remain anonymous, so they donated through a third party. We were very much surprised,” says Executive Director Heather McCarthy.She says the one-hundred thousand dollars has already been used to pay vendors from the 2009 event, which the financially troubled festival had been struggling to do.”It was a huge diversity of folks. It was tents and sound and housing and transportation. Lots of different companies that we were able to take care of,” McCarthy says. “All the vendors throughout the community who helped us make the festival happen, that’s all been paid off and that’s a huge relief.”McCarthy says she and the board of directors have been working on a new financial plan to cut festival expenses going forward.”Everything’s on the table. We’re looking at changes that we can make to the layout, to the stages, the performers, all different ways we can narrow these expenses, so we can take care of people we owe money. Because this is not a comfortable situation for anybody,” she says.The folk festival still owes hundreds of thousands of dollars.”Currently, there is about just shy of 300 thousand to the city. The credit card is about 50-thousand dollars and we have a loan with Bangor Savings Bank that is about 11 thousand.”She says once the new budget is confirmed, they will share it with the public. “If people have questions or concerns, bring them to us. We would certainly welcome knowing what the public is thinking,” she says.Meanwhile, McCarthy says this donation shows why the work is worth it.”Somebody feels 100-thousand dollars strong that this event is worth saving,” she says, “worth finding a solution to.”