Update: Plane Wreckage Found 

A small plane crashed in water near Greenbush Monday morning. Officials confirm that the pilot aboard the aircraft died in the crash. They have identified him as 78-year-old James Beaton from the United Kingdom. The pilot is believed to have been the only person on board the small Cessna plane, which was headed overseas.Crews started searching for the plane shortly after 11 a.m. The pilot had just left the Bangor airport when he radioed that he was taking on ice. “That the pilot was in distress, his wings were icing up and he was going to attempt to make it to Old Town. And they lost sight of him on the radar and assumed he went down,” says Lt. Wesley Hussey, with Maine State Police.We’re told an emergency locator signal had also been activated.Officials searched for the craft by air and by foot. The wreckage was discovered submerged in water just after one o’clock on Olamon Island.Several agencies responded for the search and recovery operations throughout the afternoon. They brought in a hovercraft from Brewer to cross the stream. Federal authorities were expected to arrive Tuesday for the investigation. Crews planned to continue their recovery work into Monday evening.