Penquis: Contractor Trainings and Free Lead Dust Wipe Program 

By- Mike Bush, PenquisThere are new rules facing contractors, and that will require more training. All contractors that disturb more than 6 square feet inside or 20 square feet outside need to be certified before April.Upcoming Trainings1.  Essential Maintenance Practices for Landlords – This ½-day course teaches landlords how to maintain their pre-1978 residential properties as lead-safe.  This includes information on lead and its health effects: where and how to find it: how to perform routine maintenance to correct and prevent lead hazards: and worker protection.  Additionally the course informs landlords about the EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Paint Rule which comes into effect in April 2010 and allows them to make decisions on further training and certifications to meet the requirements of this rule.  State and federal legal requirements related to lead in rental housing are also reviewed.  The course will be held February 6, 8-12 at Penquis, 262 Harlow St.  This course is reserved for GBAOMA members, but will be open if the slots don’t fill up.  Bangor an exclusive offering for GBAOMA members to receive  Please register by calling Brandy at 973-3612.   2.  Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) – This 1-day course is designed for workers doing renovation, repair and painting work in pre-1978 housing, and will be offered January 11 and March 8 in Bangor.  It includes information on lead and its health effects, occupant protection planning, lead-safe work practices, waste handling and disposal, and lead dust clearance standards.  It also covers the OSHA lead in construction standard, personal protective equipment and hygiene practices, and state and federal regulations that apply to renovation, repair and painting in pre-1978 housing.   This course meets the training requirements of the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Renovation, Repair and Painting rule for work beginning on or after April 22, 2010.  To register contact Peter Crockett of the Maine Labor Group on Health at 622-7823.  Bangor landlords can attend this course at a cost of only $25 (a savings of $50) if they participate in the Bangor Rental Lead Dust Wipe Program, and should contact Rob Seavey (see article above) to learn more.   Free Lead Dust Wipe Program for Bangor LandlordsA free lead dust wipe program is being offered to landlords in the Bangor Area.Contact Robert Seavey 973-3552