Jonesport Cat Is A Shopaholic 

Of all the customers who frequent the IGA in Jonesport, there’s one shopper in particular who seems to stand out. The sight of Tammy Tibbetts and her cat, Salem, doing their weekly shopping doesn’t even seem odd anymore, but that wasn’t always the case. V.J. Lenfesty is a butcher at the store and remembers when the pair first came in to the store. “A little surprised,” he says, “you know it’s not every day you see a cat in the grocery store. She carries him all over the place and the customers get a kick out of it.”In fact, you’d be hard pressed to see Tammy anywhere without Salem nearby. “He goes to Machias with me, he goes for rides with me,” says Tibbetts, “pretty much where I go, he goes.”Some shoppers and staff here say Salem has quite a life, but he very nearly had his life cut short not long after he was born. “My mother found two kittens and a mother out in the cold and she took them in,” says Tibbetts, “the kittens were about 3 to 4 weeks old and I told my mother I’d like to have an all black kitten and she gave me this one when he was ready to leave his mother.”Today, you could argue that Salem has become the most popular shopper at the IGA. “He enjoys seeing Millard and everybody,” Tibbetts says, “he just loves the people and the customers.””It’s interesting to see what he’s got on from day to day, whether he’s in his santa costume,” Lenfestey says, “I guess there are several people who have made outfits for him.”In fact, Salem has over 13 outfits to choose from and he isn’t quite 1 year old yet but does all of this mean Salem is just a bit spoiled?”Very, very,” says Lenfestey, “everybody from management on down. He gets treats and slim jims and everything else.””I’d have to agree,” says Tibbetts, “but he doesn’t think so.”