Folks At Hermon Mountain Enjoy Winter Storm 

A day after a winter storm dropped over a foot of snow on Maine some folks in Hermon took the opportunity to have a little fun. Folks from all over the state spent time cleaning up and digging out. At Hermon Mountain the mood turned to excitement, not dread, when they heard about the snow heading our way. Bill Whitcomb is the owner of Hermon Mountain and says he looks forward to these types of storms. “You hold your breath and hope it comes because mother nature is the rule and you just don’t know what’s going to happen,” he says, “we were out plowing at 1:30 and it was still snowing and it’s exciting, very exciting.”Whitcomb says he was a little surprised at how quickly people were up and around the morning after a storm like this. “I think everybody was a little surprised they were able to get out of their dooryards as well as they did,” he said, “when it warmed up up a little bit I think the removal and the roads were cleared quicker.”Once people were able to get around many of them decided to take advantage of the snow instead of siting around and complain about it. “We were busy first thing right off the bat,” says Whitcomb, “we were quite surprised people got here that early. You don’t expect that after a storm we figured the afternoon would be busy but it started right out good.”Whitcomb says he hopes this weekends snow is only the beginning. “We certainly hope so. This is a repeat of last year exactly. Christmas vacation there was no snow and then right at the end of vacation we got a big snowstorm and last year once we got snow, it just kept coming and we’re hoping for the same.”A sentiment shared by the people here, but maybe not by everyone.