Snow Makes for Great Sledding Conditions 

The stormy weather did not keep some local children inside their homes. Instead, they were out playing and having a good time.Meghan Hayward has the story.The snow may have made the roads dangerous.But it also made for perfect sledding and snowboarding conditions.And many kids were out and about doing just that.” This is really fun. I just got back from Florida so I’m happy that there’s snow.”Some of their favorite activities to do in the winter.” Probably skiing or making a snow fort or something.”” Hockey, Skiing, Sledding.”” I don’t like skating but I like snowboarding because it’s really fun.”” As the snow continues to fall, these kids have no complaints.”” We love snow.”” I like snow.”And their parents are happy to bring them out to play in the snow.” Oh they love it. They love it out here and it’s so healthy to be outside as long as their bundled up it’s perfect.”The hill the kids were sledding and snowboarding down is in Joe McCarthy’s backyard.” It’s like living on a ski lodge. Can look out the back window and see everyone on the hill here, it’s terrific.”