Ice Fishing 

Many folks are taking advantage of the wintery conditions this weekend.Ice fishermen are setting up shacks.But game wardens say folks need to use caution because ice along Maine’s bodies of water may not be thick enough yet.Game warden Jim Fahey says even though it looks like a winter wonderland outside, you always need to check the ice before venturing out.Fahey says there are a few things folks can bring along that can come in handy if you should fall through the ice.One is called a throwback, which is a bag of rope.The idea is that the rescuer would stay on the good ice and throw the rope to the person in the water.Another tool that is good to have, picks of life. ” The handle comes down. The sheath retracts and that pick is what enables you to get perched on the ice. A screwdriver would do the same thing.”Fahey says always remember when going on any trip outdoors let someone know where you’re going and when you plan to be back.