Weekend Storm Coming; Police Urge Caution 

The much anticipated winter storm we’ve been talking about has arrived.The heavy stuff doesn’t come until Saturday.With many people heading back home after the holiday, travel conditions are a big concern.Starting a trip with snow at your heels can be difficult, but there are some ways to stay safer and avoid delays. Sargent Paul Edwards says slow down and leave a lot of travel time so you aren’t late, but mostly he says if you can, stay off the roads. “Don’t drive unless you have to. Wait. With a lot of these big storms people think they can make it to here or there, I wouldn’t travel long distances if you don’t have to. if you have to travel for the holidays do it now, get it out of the way.”Air travel can be effected as well, as Rebecca Hupp the Bangor International Airport’s director tells us, snow may slow them down, but it doesn’t scare them. “The greatest challenge will be from flights coming in from other areas, it might not be able to get here, passengers should always check with their airline prior to comming to the airport.” But just in case, Hupp says, it’s good to plan ahead. “People should always be prepared for delays when they’re traveling due to snow schedule changes. delays do happen when you travel so be prepared for that bring something to eat or read those types of things will make travel more enjoyable.” So while some delays are unavoidable when it comes to snow, the best way to prevent accidents is to not travel. “Once it starts to snow and if it snows hard just stay in that’s the best advice I can give. And don’t be out driving even if it was for a quick, it doesn’t take much to slide off or get injured in a car accident, and that’s no way to start the new year I’m sure.”