Get Your Shovels Ready 

With heavy snow anticipated this weekend, local stores have stocked up with supplies to help people handle it.”I love it, it’s just great,” Sarah Fryberger of Bangor says of the snow. “I think two feet would be great…I think four feet would be a disaster.”Love it or hate it, it’s on its way. And now’s the time to be thinking about how you’re going to dig yourself out.”We’re just starting our winter season now,” says Sheldon Hartstone, at Fairmount True Value Hardware in Bangor.With the snow forecast for this weekend, they’re talking shovels. According to Chris Hay, not all shovels are created equal. He’s partial to a shovel with sides. “So when you lift, all the snow doesn’t slide off,” he says.For a lot of folks, he recommends the scoop.”The biggest thing with is with this type of scoop, and this is the largest one, they come smaller, but the whole idea is the fact that you’re able to push with your legs doing the majority of work. As opposed to a shovel, where your arms are doing the majority of the work.”They say to make it easier on yourself, shovel early and often to keep the load light.Hay tells us when it comes to being prepared, they see two types of people.”Some people have that old boy scout ‘Be prepared,’ and they’re in here, they’re grabbing the shovel, grabbing the scoop and making sure they’re ready because we know snow is coming. And then we have the procrastinator who comes in tomorrow, after we have a foot of snow.”No matter which kind you are, “We take both kinds,” says Hay. “We’ll be ready when they do come in,” Hartsone says.If you’re not headed anywhere this weekend, they say you might as well enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer.”It would be kind of fun, to be snowbound.”