The Coffee Pot Slated to Close for Good Thursday 

It started as a rumor. But then, there’d been rumors before. Wednesday it was confirmed by the man in charge himself. The Coffee Pot in Bangor is closing. Skip Rist is retiring. Their last day serving customers will be Thursday.”Oh my gosh, we’ll never get another good sandwich,” says Wanda Lincoln. People of all ages waited for hours in the cold Wednesday to put in one last order. “Coffee Pot’s always been here, always been here. And it’s always been good,” she says.”I love the onions of course, some people don’t, but it’s a different combination that you can’t get anywhere else,” says Travis Roy.”I remember getting them and going to Cascade Park and making a picnic of it,” says Evan Gillette.”I’ve been coming here for 53 years, and Skip’s been in business longer than that. I appreciate his business, and hate to see it go.”People here didn’t want to believe The Coffee Pot was really closing for good, but they heard it from Skip Rist himself.”The rumors are true, tomorrow’s the last day. We’ve been here since 1930 and it’ll be almost 80 years next year, it’s time for retirement. I’ve been working since I’m 13, and I’m 72, so I guess it’s time to give up,” he says, and laughs.Skip says there’s one reason why he’s stayed in business so long, and why people travel from so far away just to try it.”The sandwich is good,” he says.”I get the deluxe,” Lincoln says. “Actually, I get two of them, one to eat now, and one for later on.”Customers say there’s another reason, too.”Skip is just the nicest guy ever, and the girls out back know most people by name,” says Maryann Heald.”Just the way that Skip treats the customers and he’s always got a smile,” says Roy.”Of course,” Skip says, “my father started it, so he’s the one that had the idea. I just carried it through and that’s all.” Skip says this building will likely be demolished. He’s not sure what comes after that, but he knows this.”We’re very grateful we have such nice customers. Many become friends and they’ve been a wonderful group, they really are,” he says.So when The Coffee Pot ran out of rolls on their second-to-last day, people still poured in, for a handshake, a hug and a thank-you.”It’s really sad,” Heald says, “to think that he’s going to close for good.”On Thursday, their last day, they will be open from 10 a.m. until the rolls are gone.