Red Cross Blood Drive a Success 

Folks with the Red Cross say they had a great turnout at their blood drive at the Bangor Mall Tuesday.They set up a blood donation center in an empty storefront near Sears, to make it easy for people to stop in while shopping.Trudy Darling with the Red Cross says a number of people didn’t plan to donate, but saw the mobile center set up and decide to give the gift of life. “My wife and I didn’t plan on giving blood today, we were just walking through the mall and saw the red cross here taking donations,” Said blood donor Kyle Missbach. “So we stopped in to do our part. If you see the opportunity, take it, it only takes a few minutes and you could save somebody’s life.” “That’s exactly what the red cross is looking for,” Said Trudy Darling. “We’re looking for first time donors, those who only donate once or twice a year. So we really appreciate those people coming out.”Darling says that in january, every red cross blood donor gets a free bag of Dunkin Donuts coffee.To set up an appointment at the Bangor Blood Donor Center, or if you just want to ask the Red Cross a question, you can call them at 941-2900.