Witmer Sentencing 

An Eddington man cleared of trying to kill his ex-wife and her boyfriend will still go behind bars.Ryan Witmer was sentenced to 4 years in prison Tuesday on lesser charges.Meghan Hayward reports.Ryan Witmer was back in court nearly two months after a jury found him not guilty of attempted murder, aggravated assault and burglary from an incident in June of last year.But he was convicted of simple assault and violation of a protection order.Witmer’s lawyer argued it was a case of self-defense.” This is an individual who you don’t see coming in an out of the courthouse. I mean he’s not a frequent flyer to the courthouse. He’s never had any adult brushes with the law.”The prosecution accused Witmer of forcing his way into the home of his then estranged wife while she was watching a movie with another man.” He chose to break-in and the court heard the two versions of events. But it’s certainly clear there were some very traumatic events that occurred within and clearly some very life threatening events that occurred within.”Witmer’s ex-wife spoke in court, saying she had no hard feelings toward the jury because they acted on the information they were allowed to hear.But she told the judge she hoped he would keep Witmer away from her and her family for as long as possible.” Because every day he is behind bars is every day that my family is safe.”Prosecutors say the man was stabbed eleven times and Witmer’s ex-wife was cut on her arms.The other victim released a statement saying.”We have been deeply disappointed in the verdict of this trial. Today at sentencing the judge did an excellent job of placing blame where it belongs by sentencing Ryan to the maximum he could. The judge also demonstrated that Ryan is a threat, and has no regard for the law, by sending him directly to jail to serve his prison time.” The state asked for a 4 year sentence, while the defense argued for a 60 to 90 day sentence.” I was gratified that Justice Anderson agreed with the state that this was a very serious protective order violation. That breaking into some body’s house in violation of protective order in the middle of the night and causing the consequences that occurred here needed to be taken extremely seriously by the court. I thought it was a good sentence.”” I’m disappointed. I know the family, Ryan’s mother is disappointed. Ryan is obviously disappointed. The sentence appears to reflect more of a disagreement with the jury’s verdict than it does actually reflect what the jury found Ryan did.”With time already served, Witmer will go to prison for two-and-a-half years. His lawyer plans to appeal the sentence.