Sen. Collins Talks Security, Health Care During Address in Bangor 

”To say that it’s been a busy year for Congress has been an understatement.” That’s what Sen. Susan Collins said Tuesday, speaking at a lunch meeting of the Bangor rotary. It was a day to talk about the highs and lows from this year in Washington. Collins started with the bad news, including the recent attempted terror attack onboard a jet bound for Detroit. She says changes need to be made.”The list of passengers coming into the United States should be screened against the broadest possible list of suspected terrorists, rather than just against the smaller no-fly list,” she says.Collins says in an upcoming hearing, a committee she chairs will investigate gaps in information-sharing, and high-tech airport security measures which could have prevented such an attempt.”We dodged a bullet on Christmas day. The result could have been 300 people whose lives could have been lost,” she says.The topic Collins spent the most time discussing this day was health care. She says the bill she voted against on Christmas Eve was fundamentally flawed.”It was written behind closed doors and was riddled with special deals to garner votes. Senators had fewer than 40 hours to consider nearly 400-pages of changes in a bill that exceed more than 2000 pages.”She says the bill still didn’t achieve its goals.Collins ended her talk with high notes from 2009, including the local study of offshore wind power, and the recent passing of the truck weight limit bill– an issue she’s worked on for the past decade. After the talk she was headed back to Washington, for what’s sure to be another busy year.