Christmas No Excuse to Stop Learning 

For many kids it’s school vacation week, but that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop.At the Challenger Learning Center in Bangor they’re making this week both fun and educational for kids.The day started with a quick trip to outer space. “We watched this thing where we were going in space and there was like all the planets.” “We launched in our transporter to Mars and then we made a quick trip back from Mars, so that these guys can design their own rockets and decide where they want theirs to go.”To design the rockets the kids used cardboard tubes, paper, and a lot of creativity! “You take like this tube and then you put paper around it and then you can decorate it.” “And then they’re powered by an empty soda bottle that they squeeze to provide enough air to launch the rocket.”The kids named their rockets and then set them up to blast off! “I think it’s gonna go straight up and down and then sideways and the other way and then down.” “It’s gonna go up high.”Jennifer Therrien, center coordinator, hopes a successful launch into outer space will spark an interest in technology. “Just get them thinking about the possibility of things that are out there and encourage them to engage in science and math and see that these things can be fun.”