Two Fires Same Home 

Two separate fires, at separate times, in the same home in Prospect in under a week. The second fire happened at 7:40 Saturday morning.The Prospect fire department was called to the North Searsport Road. When they arrived there was smoke coming from the doors. Fire fighters determined the fire had spread to all the rooms in the house. The building was unoccupied at the time of the blaze. This is the second fire at this home recently. The first was started when a christmas tree was left on overnight. “The fire here at prospect is under investigation and we’re pretty early on with the investigation at this point,” Said Sgt. Timothy York of the State Fire Marshal’s Office.According to the Prospect Town News this home owned by Karen Gross sustained smoke and water damage after a light on their christmas tree caused a fire last week. The family is living in a rented cottage in the Belfast area for the immediate future.