Penobscot County Grand Jury Indictments 

Forty-five people have been indicted by the Penobscot County Grand Jury Monday, including a 45 year old Newport man accused of killing his father. Perley Goodrich, Junior had previously been indicted on a murder, now he’s also charged with aggravated assault. Prosecutors say he shot his father to death, Perley Goodrich, Senior, and badly beat his mother. He went missing for four days, then was arrested at a coffee shop, just five miles from his home.Also indicted, 31 year old Nathaniel Nightingale of Burlington. He’s facing two counts of murder. Prosecutors say he shot Michael and Valerie Miller in their home in Webster Plantation in November during an attempted robbery. According to court documents, Nightingale admitted to police he killed the couple.27 year old Derek Creasy of Freedom is also on the list. He was previously indicted on a series of burglaries in Waldo County, and authorities say his crime spree stretched into Penobscot County as well. Creasy is charged in a burglary in Dixmont last September. Prosecutors say coins and a savings bond were stolen in that break-in.29 year old Mackenzie Estey of Carmel is charged with theft. Prosecutors say she was a caretaker for an elderly person, and stole around $50,000 from that person. She was charged with the crime in July, and indicted by the Grand Jury on Monday.