Machias Women Running Successful Candle Company 

Two women in Machias are proof that if you have a good idea, you should act on it. “Last November, Kelley Scoville and I were deciding what to do to make a little extra money for Christmas and our area sells a lot of wreaths, and we know that was over saturated and we wanted to be creative. And she said, I know how to make candles.”From there, the Olde Tavern Candle Company was created. But they say it’s no easy task. “First off, we have bulk wax we melt down and we specially color the wax to match the scent and we add scent.”Andrea Guerra and Kelley Scoville started the company and a few others have joined the team since.Guerra says she’s in charge of the design and Scoville is on the technical side. “So I researched different waxes. I researched for probably a month or two waxes, containers, scents, oils and color. I did a lot of work that way and it just all came together.”Each of their candles are named after landmarks in Downeast Maine. “That’s the draw. Our candles are so highly scented that people come for the scent, but the bonus is the really cool names.”Bog lake blueberry, Machias bay mullberry, and Chandler River cinnabun are just a few of the names. But their biggest seller is Rocky Lake birthday cake.They say they’re lucky to have the opportunity. “The most rewarding part is we love what we do. And it’s a great product, it’s just wonderful and we love our community. And that’s why we love Kennebec Christmas Tree and Rocky Lake Birthday Cake. We love the different areas.” They started selling the candles at different craft fairs but now folks can find them at Berry Vines in Machias.So what’s next for the Olde Tavern Candle Company? “Actually like to see our products being sold just like all the big ones. As long as everything was preserved like we’ve done with the local landmarks, logos and such.”