Holidays Mean Tons of Extra Trash at the Curb 

The next three weeks are busy ones in the world of sanitation workers. Lots of extra stuff gets put out on the curb this time of year.In Bangor, it’s picked up by Pine Tree Waste Services and today, we went along for the ride.John Rivers and Steve Davis usually visit around eight or nine hundred houses in one day. At most stops right now, they’re finding more trash than usual.”This is definitely going to be the busiest week,” Rivers says.”Right after Christmas, for the next three weeks, we’ll be doing a lot of extra trash, a lot of extra tonnage,” says Leon Licata, operations manager with Pine Tree.All the extra boxes, old toys, wrapping paper, and other stuff being thrown away right now amounts to three or four extra tons of trash per truck, Licata says. “We pretty much gear up all year for these next couple of weeks.””I think Americans spend a lot of money, by looking at the volume. The electronics, TVs, flat screens, that’s what I’m seeing,” Rivers says, from looking at the boxes.”I don’t pay attention, I just shoot it in,” says Davis.It’s a heavier load to throw this time of year, but Rivers and Davis keep moving quickly.”You have to,” Rivers says. “If we spend a minute at each stop, you would never finish your run, there’s not enough time in the day.”Pine Tree says to keep up, they’ll have more trucks on residential routes, taking more trips to unload.”It’ll go to the PERC plant which is in Orrington, and it’ll get burned over there and recycled into energy for Bangor Hydro,” Licata says.They say if you want to help, make sure your trash is at the curb on time. “Have their trash out by 6:30 here in Bangor and 7 in the surrounding communities that were service,” he says.They expect the rush to last through the new year.