Dover-Foxcroft Teen Saves Family from Fire 

14-year old Emilee Hartley is still getting used to her new found fame.It’s for something the Dover-Foxcroft teenager wished had never happened.But because of her actions, Emilee’s entire family is alive today.Joy Hollowell brings us the story of a hero.==========”We had such a great Christmas, everybody loved their stuff, everybody was happy,” says Stacie Roberts.Less than 12 hours later, Christmas presents and everything else inside this Dover Foxcroft home was gone, destroyed by fire.”I just remember waking up from the smoke or the alarms going off and I looked into the kitchen, and I saw the whole stove on fire,” says 14-year old Emilee Hartley.”I heard the thumping of my daughter coming up the stairs,” says Emilee’s mother, Stacie Roberts. “She whipped open our door and I heard her say, ‘the house is on fire, hurry up, get up, let’s get out.'”14-year old Emilee Hartley ran into her three-year old brother’s room. She grabbed the sleeping boy out of his crib, then ordered the family to head downstairs to the bathroom.”I just thought to go right out of the bathroom window because it’s right next to the neighbor’s home and I just knew I could get them out really fast,” says Emilee. “I was trying to open the window and I got the glass window open, but then the screen was stuck because it was frozen, so I punched my hand through it.”By that time, smoke had spread throughout the entire house.”My mom was right behind me, so she was helping me out the window,” says Emilee.Emilee ran Isiah over to a neighbor’s house, then went back to help her mom and step dad get themselves and their seven dogs out safely.”I was just trying to control myself so I just wouldn’t upset my brother and he would stay calm, and I was trying to calm my mom so she’d be OK,” says Emilee.By the time fire fighters arrived, flames were shooting out the front door. The family later realized that little Isiah’s bed room was directly above the source of the fire.”I don’t really think of myself as a hero because it’s not like I fought the fire. I just got my brother out and woke up my famiLy and make sure they were all safe.”Joy Hollowell, WABI TV 5 news, Dover Foxcroft.========Fire fighters determined that the blaze was accidental.It started in the wall behind the wood stove.The home was insured.The family is now staying with relatives.