Manna Ministries Christmas Dinner 

Christmas is a time for family, friends and tasty meals.Manna Ministries in Bangor helped make this holiday a little more jolly for many local families.Meghan Hayward has the story.The holiday season is a time to give.And that generosity was seen at the Manna Ministries holiday meal.” We expect anywhere from 300 to 500 people. It’s hard to tell. One year we had 800 people and last year we had 600 people. But when they get here we have gifts for everyone.”All those folks were at the Parks and Recreation Center on Main Street to enjoy a tasty meal.Bill Raye, the director of Manna, says none of this would be possible without folk’s true holiday spirit.” This is what’s completely taken Manna by surprise. We thought we we’re really going to struggle and we did the first couple weeks. Right up to about 2 days ago. People have been very generous. People have given, given and given. People last year that weren’t able to give because they didn’t have anything were able to give a few dollars this year.”Many folks gave up some of their Christmas time with their own families, to help serve up the meals.” We do this and it’s important to spend time with our community I think more than anything else. We do our Christmas on Christmas Eve and we just like being around a lot of folks for Christmas.”Everyone was welcome at the dinner.And for many families, today’s festivities made for a happy Christmas.Which is what volunteers say make it worth it.” There’s always one time every Christmas where it happens, where there is one look or one reaction to the gifts or a family’s sincere gratitude that makes you say ah hah that’s why I haven’t slept for several days and have worked 12 hours days. It just all comes together and is absolutely wonderful.”