Tracking St. Nick Through Penobscot County 

The Penobscot County Regional Communications Center stays busy even through the holidays, answering 911 calls and dispatching emergency officials.This Christmas Eve, they’re also working on another important mission — helping Santa Claus get through the area safely.”911, where is your emergency?””It’s very busy. You constantly get phone calls and you get the radios going and the 911 phones. It can get pretty busy,” says dispatcher Elizabeth Read.Dispatchers here will be staying busy this Christmas Eve, tracking a very important visitor to Penobscot County.”All cars and stations, attempt to locate: male subject described as having white hair, a fluffy white beard, twinkling blue eyes.”Every year, officers on the streets keep an eye out for Santa Claus as he makes his way through the county. They call in to dispatchers when they see him climbing a chimney, or flying high in the sky.”Subject is 5 foot 6, 300 pounds, and last seen wearing a white jacket with red trim.””If they locate him, they will call in and let us know he just passed them in Bradford, Glenburn or Mattawamkeag, wherever he is at the time,” says Director James Ryan.They broadcast Santa’s location every half-hour across the scanner for people of any age within earshot.”We obviously want to make sure he’s safe and that he’s able to get through Penobscot County without any breakdowns or anything that’s going to slow him up,” he says. “If located, do not stop and hold. Repeat, do not stop and hold.”They say, if you believe that St. Nick is in your town, you’re advised to listen to those updates carefully.”Children will know when to go to bed and get to sleep real quick so he can deliver their presents,” Ryan says.”He may be operating a sleigh by eight tiny reindeer, heard to be saying, ‘Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.'”