Making Lobster the Center of the Christmas Meal 

The relatively low price of lobster this year means the tasty crustacean will be featured at many Christmas dinner tables. For some, the idea of replacing the usual ham or turkey is a novelty.For others, it’s turned into quite a Christmas tradition.Orders move quickly the day before Christmas at McLaughlin Seafood in Bangor, with lobster at the top of list for many, like Tony Michaud of Veazie.”It’s just something different to do on Christmas Eve. The whole family gets together. We’ll have lobsters and scallops. Just something different to do and get together.”Hundreds of people have been getting together at McLaughlin’s this week to bypass the traditional turkey or ham dinner. Manager Toby Fox stocked up with nearly 2,000 pounds of lobster to meet the Christmas Eve demand.”The phone’s been ringing. It probably rings a good 3-400 times a day. And even before noontime. You don’t even have time to catch your breath really. It’s been really busy.”Fox points to a couple of reasons for the crush of customers.”People like, instead of having ham, people like lobsters. And the price is not too bad, also, you know.”And it’s not just lobsters they’re after. Shrimp, salmon and haddock are also a big catch. And don’t forget…”Scallops. Scallops has been a big seller. We’ve gone through 500 pounds of scallops in just two days.”The last two weeks of December will be the busiest time of the year for these workers – who hope to make a lot of holiday meals, merry and bright. “Everybody was helpful. I have my lobsters and my shrimp. And I’m ready for Christmas dinner. I just have to pick up the corn.”Fox says he expected to serve at least five hundred customers before he finally closes the doors, Christmas Eve day.