Last Minute Christmas Shoppers 

Thursday is the last shopping day before Christmas.Folks were out and about in Downtown Ellsworth, making those last minute purchases.Meghan Hayward reports.Cars lined the streets in Downtown Ellsworth as folks rushed around to get their shopping done.Some by choice, others because it’s the only time they’ve had.”You know, I think some of the last minute frenzy is fun. You’re really feeling the Christmas spirit at that point. So I always save just a couple of things to last minute.””I’m usually much more organized, but I’ve been very busy at work this year, time problems.”Business owners say they love to see those last minute shoppers, no matter what the reason.”Well of course there are some men who just don’t get started, but I think everybody likes to do a little shopping at the end. Some stocking stuffers and just finish up things.”Some shoppers know just what they’re looking for.”We are getting Susan Boyle’s CD for my mother-in-law because she has everything and we had to think of something unique. So it’s a last minute, oh gosh what do we get for grandma?”Other shoppers were keeping a close eye on their wallet and looking for good buys.”We’re keeping it very small this year. Nobody has much money including myself, so I am just doing little things. If I see some little bobble I might pick it up. But I did a lot of hand knitting this year.”The Bud Connection in Ellsworth is busy delivering those last minute floral arrangements.”We are very ready for them actually. I have a whole bunch of elves helping me. It’s stress-free and we’re having a great time today.”Ruth Foster has spent the last 26 years in Downtown Ellsworth and says it’s a great place during Christmas.”Everyone has been upbeat all week long. Of course, I am upbeat so it’s nice to see other people that way.”