McCaffrey in Court 

A man from Bangor accused of a string of burglaries on the city’s west side made his first court appearance Wednesday.Police say 38-year-old Peter McCaffrey is responsible for stealing hundreds of dollars worth items.Meghan Hayward has the story.A night stroll turned into quite an adventure for Bangor resident Josh Pelkey.”I was walking my girlfriend and her friend home from the Homeless Walk and this guy was screaming help me, help me, this guy robbed my house. So I ran down the hill and I chased him down the street and caught up with him and tackled him down to the ground and the guy who had his house broken into called the cops while I held him down.”Pelkey is talking about 38-year-old Peter McCaffrey of Bangor, who police say is responsible for stealing items worth hundreds of dollars, including a pistol and ammunition.Pelkey says he didn’t have much time to think before taking off after McCaffrey.”I was obviously kind of scared. He was a little drunk, so I didn’t know what he was going to do. So I pretty much bear hugged him and pushed him to the ground and just laid there so he couldn’t do anything.”In court, the state brought up a list of McCaffrey’s prior convictions, several being alcohol related.”Well it tells me he’s had probably substance abuse issues for a long time. He’s older than the person we usually see committing crimes of this nature. And it tells me he’s perhaps going to be difficult to deal with in terms of a resolution.”The defense did request McCaffrey be evaluated at Acadia Hospital.”Well I think that expresses their understanding that he has a substance abuse problem as well and a desire to deal with those upfront. My concern is that if you post a low bail on him with the addiction he has and the number of crimes he’s committed he’s likely to either commit more crimes or leave the area.”Pelkey says if he was in a similar situation again, he would do the same thing.”Oh yeah definitely. As soon as he said help I saw the guy he was running after and took off.”McCaffrey’s bail was set at three thousand dollars cash. His next court appearance is scheduled for March.