Local Healthworkers Combat Seasonal Depression 

We’re seeing a lot of red and green these days, but some folks are having problems with the blues.Kathleen Dumont is a licensed clinician at Kennebec Behavioral Health in Skowhegan.She says about half of the population is stressed by the holiday season.Research shows that during this time of year there’s an increase in depression, domestic violence, and drunk driving accidents.Dumont says it’s important to remember that many have a tough time getting through the holidays. “They just want to get through, particularly people who have mental illness or substance abuse problems are struggling to just get through without drinking or without having a meltdown or being hospitalized. And so if people could be more kind to one another and realize for the person sitting next to you it may not be the most wonderful time of the year.”If you or if someone you know is having a tough time right now, there is help available.Kennebec Behavioral Health has trained professionals on hand around the clock. For more information check out the website