Explosion in Thomaston 

An explosion in Thomaston at a cement manufacturer could be felt about 13 miles away in Union.That’s according to Sgt. Ken Grimes with the State Fire Marshal’s office.The explosion happened just after noon today at Dragon Products, while a demolition crew was tearing down part of the plant that is no longer used.Grimes says the explosion happened when sparks from a cutting torch set a pile of debris on fire.”While it was burning smoke and hot gases from the fire went inside this stand alone tank and at some point the mixture was just right and there was a smoke explosion which took the top of the tank off.” explains Grimes.There were some demolition workers nearby when the top blew off the tank, but they were not hurt.There was some damage done to the Main office building. The windows were blown out by the blast.Luckily the folks who would normally be in that building were at a company Christmas party when the explosion happened.No one was injured.