Brewer Motel Staff Spread the Joy 

The employees of a Brewer motel spread some good old fashioned Christmas cheer Tuesday, and wore costumes to match.The folks at the Vacationland Inn decided to go caroling after a company Christmas party last year.They decided on a repeat performance this year at Woodlands in Brewer, with a twist.They had a contest to see who could come up with the best old fashioned costume.The one voted the best by her colleagues got a few bragging rights. The real winners: the residents and the carolers who got to spread a lot of christmas cheer. “I thought it was just lovely. Really appreciated it.” “I enjoy it very much,”Said Francis Wright, a resident at Woodlands. “I think it’s great. I just wish I could be up there singing.” “People today, they’re just such in a rush to find the present to get it under the tree, but there’s so much more to Christmas,” Said Cheryl Bradford, the co-owner of the Vacationland Inn.The residents also got to join in on the Christmas classics. Many told us the visit gave them a lift.