New MRI Raises the Roof 

It’s the first piece of equipment of its kind in the state, and it took a lot of effort to get it into place.It’s a new Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine at First MRI in Bangor.It is so big, weighing in at 12 tons, that part of the roof of the building had to be removed to lower it in with a crane.First MRI has two machines.This one will replace an older one because it’s twice as strong. “We realized a while ago that the 3T systems has a bunch of different advantages over the 1.5T stems that are quite common now,” Said the clinical director at First MRI, Dr. George Wright. “Those include, increased speed of imaging so a patient who may not be very comfortable in there will be able to scan more quickly and more importantly, improved image quality.”The machine cost about 2 million dollars.We’re told this is now the strongest MRI machine in the state.MRI is a non invasive procedure used to make images of the structure and function of the body.