Manna Needs Help For The Home Stretch 

With Christmas just 3 days away volunteers at Manna Ministries in Bangor are stepping up their efforts as they try to make sure families in need don’t go without this year.The volunteers are here at the Bangor Parks and Rec building are working hard but they still need more help. Leah Sandau is one of the volunteers here. “We need help wrapping, we need help doing the Santa shopping where you actually take the card and you glean through what we have and then put it in the bag,” she says. Sandau says they have plenty of toys but they need some of the basic household items. “There are still some things that we need desperately,” she says, “we need a whole bunch of pots and pans sets probably 6 or 8. We have run out of King Size, Queen size comforters, King and Queen sheets, towels, the real necessities.” Susan Guare is volunteering here along with her children in addition to helping the community she says the kids are learning an invaluable lesson. “This year they’ve been saving their own money to try to buy some of the toys that are needed,” says Guare, “they come in and they enjoy doing it. They get a little depressed when they see what people are asking for. My daughter brought me in a request for these, children’s pajamas and said these people need pajamas, if we don’t have them can we go buy them.”This is the first year Sally Aruta has volunteered. “Oh it’s wonderful,” she says, “you see that the families are really getting things they need and we just got in these which are maternity things which someone had asked for.”Sandau says when the job is finished, and they see the smiles they’ve helped to create, it makes it all worth it. “I mean it’s really stressful at this point,” she says, “we look at each other and say are we going to get this done? But for years and years on Christmas day we go like this (big sigh) ok another year has come and gone and with the help of everyone it went ok.”