12-22-09 – Bangor vs Brewer – Ice Hockey 

No matter the sport, it’s always a big deal when Bangor and Brewer get together. Last week they faced off in basketball with Brewer coming away the winner in the boys game and Bangor winning in the girls game. Tonight the two schools faced off on the ice and like so many times before, the two schools did not disappoint.Tonight’s game taking place at a packed Sawyer Arena…We start in the second period. Brewer up 3-1 and the Witches attacking again. The puck lands in front of the net and Tyler White buries it home to put Brewer up 4-1. Then White and the fans exchange some choice words. Three goal lead for Brewer means the game is over, right?Well, not so fast…Later on in the second period, Bangor begins to come back. Ryan King gets the puck after the delayed penalty and fires it into the net to make it 4-2 Brewer…Then in the third period, after a Brewer goal made it 5-3, Nic Cota scores for Bangor to make it 5-4. The Rams would then get a goal in the final minute to complete their comeback. It was another classic at The Sawyer… 5-5 the final score.