Record Number of Families for Waldo County Basket Project 

For the first time in its 20 year history the Holiday Basket Project received a record number of applications from people needing food. This means a lot of volunteers were also needed. “We just finished filling eleven-hundred food boxes for families in the Waldo County area. We had about, nearly 300 volunteers.They’ll be delivered to the homes of people in Waldo County, or people will come and pick them up. “It will make it so that people can have a meal at Christmas. Its got a turkey, some fruit and vegetables, some other staples like peanut butter, rice, bread… “It brings the community together, for one, and for two it helps people get food that they may not have had. They’re being delivered by most of the fire departments in the towns, but also the Belfast Lions, and some community volunteers are doing some of the towns as well.” “We are helping to deliver food boxes for the people that are needy in this community. And the Lions club will deliver all of the boxes to the Belfast community. “So many people are in need. And it’s something we’re able to do. It’s really nice to see. It’s nice to see the teenagers, the children, you’ve got people that are in the community, some that have needed it in the past. Everybody comes together, and we all are doing it for the same reasons.” “It’s all an act of kindness out of the generosity of businesses and individuals in Waldo County. So, a community effort, and it doesn’t change the world, but it makes a touch of kindness for everybody.””13!””One More!”