Longtime Medical Supply Store in Farmington Will Stay Open 

A few weeks ago, a medical supply store that’s been in Farmington for more than 100 years announced they were closing. But now, with the help of a new owner, the store will stay open– and it’s growing.Employees say when they heard the store was closing, they didn’t know what they’d do next. Brenda Laviolette has worked here for nearly 40 years. “We just started liquidating everything, closing the doors.”She says they also didn’t know what to tell their customers, many of whom are elderly or disabled.”Especially, you’ve dealt with people for thirty-nine years, and they know you, you know them, you know their needs, and you have to tell them, they have to go somewhere else,” Laviolette says.But in a matter of weeks they found out everything, and everyone, would be staying put. “We were very lucky to re-hire the same three existing employees,” says Lance Macmaster. He heads Mac-Lin Medical supply, a company based in Bangor that’s taking over the business. He says it was an easy choice.”It’s nice that the company’s been growing…and people in the local area are able to have a local resource for products they really need,” Macmaster says.Staying local is important for customers who depend on the store as a lifeline.”If they weren’t here we’d have to go to Lewiston, Augusta, Waterville, which is quite a hike for our patients,” says occupational therapist Kelley Brown. “In a lot of instances people just don’t have the resources to travel that far,” says employee Debbie McGrath.It might be new ownership, but they say it will still be the same customer service people are used to.”The employees are going to continue having that heartfelt feeling for the customers,” says McGrath.”We’ve already had a lot of calls that have heard about it, all excited,” Laviolette says. “It’s a nice Christmas present for the area.”