Christmas Trees Donated 

It’s the center piece of decorating for Christmas.It’s where Santa puts all of the presents for good little boys and girls.It is the Christmas Tree.Monday, a local women and children’s shelter received a free Christmas tree, as part of a national program from Target.And while it’s nice to get presents, it’s just not the same without the tree, according to Bangor Target Team Leader Dave Scott.”Well hey you can’t have Christmas without a tree right? You sit there on Christmas Morning and you have nothing to put it under. That’s kind of sad, so this helps.”For the last 19 years, Target and United Way have teamed up around the country to provide free trees for families in need. This year, two trees were donated in Bangor, including one to the Step Up Shelter and the eight mothers who live there.”Last year’s campaign video was about a young woman who is now on her own,” said Emma Pope-Welch of the United Way. ” and we checked with Michelle to see if we could provide a Christmas Tree to her family, so this year we checked back in with Michelle and they did not have a tree for their new shelter and so it worked out perfectly.””We’re a trusting partner of them,” Scott said of the relationship between Target and United Way. ” and they understand what’s going on in the community and who they’re working with and we really trust their knowledge of the community and who is at need right now.”The United Way contacts Target, and they decorate the tree, wrap it up for safe travel and take it out to the waiting vehicle.With nine children at the shelter, ranging from four months to seven years old, it’s a welcome addition to the house, says the shelter coordinator Michelle Hamlin.”I actually can’t wait to see their faces cause when they left this morning, the Mom’s went to go to school, work, or volunteer and the kids went to child care or school, and so when they come back tonight, they’ll have a tree up and some gifts under the tree which I know the children are not expecting that at all so it’ll be nice to see their faces.”