Bangor Mall A Busy Place This Season 

With just a few shopping days left until Christmas the Bangor Mall is a pretty popular place these days. Folks continue to pack the mall in search of those last minute items to make their Christmas special. Nancy Strayer has been working at the Bangor Mall for mearly ten years. “I think it’s been pretty busy and everybody seems happier than usual and I think the lights are nice. It’s really been a nice season.”Some of the shoppers, like Suasan Russell of Glenburn, have already been at it for a few weeks now. “We don’t consider this last minute yet,” says Russell, “but it’s going well. We have bunches of grandchildren we want to make sure we get enough. You always find something different and new if you keep going out.”Other folks here, like Marissa Carr of Holden, are more of the last minute shoppers. “Yeah I just started on Saturday but hopefully I can finish up today.” The shoppers here are even willing to share their strategies on what to do for that person on your list who’s impossible to shop for. “Definitely gift cards,” says Carr, “I like to make baskets and fill them up with goodies, everybody seems to like that.” “Some people are harder to shop buy for that’s for sure,” says Russell, “I think sometimes when you’re out and about you think that will be creative you know and if they don’t like it then what do you do?” But there’s little argument over who’s the easiest people on your list to shop for. “The kids,” Russell says, “they’re just the easiest you can get the most things. When they’re real young especially, once they get teenaged they get to be a little bit more of a challenge.”Nancy Strayer says the kids are her favorite part of the holiday atmosphere at the mall. “That’s the special part of it because they believe in Santa Claus and I really think that’s the most special part of christmas is the children.”