Albion Boy Remembered 

If you had the chance to meet Eben Quimby, you wouldn’t have to be told about his love for tractors, you’d either find him driving his own, or reading about them.That’s why it was only fitting for family and friends to honor him with what he loved most.Nearly fifty tractors lined the streets of Albion as the fifteen year old was carried to his final resting place. Eben Quimby died December 17th after a four year battle with leukemia.Adrienne: “What was his favorite tractor?” Chelsea: Allis Chalmers. He had a model B he absolutely loved. His very favorite.” Decorated with lights, it sits on the front lawn.Chelsea: “He always wanted a puppy dog named Festis, so we got him a dog named Festis for his tractor.”Eben spent his time working on the family dairy farm or outdoors hunting, four-wheeling or snowmobiling. He was also a member of the maine antique tractor club.Lawrence: “He knew stuff about tractors you wouldn’t expect a 15 year old to know. Eben was one of five children…kids raised by a mother and father born into farming.When Eben’s grandfather passed away, he too was given what the family calls the tractor trek.Lawrence: “He’d be thinkin’ you’re nuts, look how cold it is out there, but at the same time he’d be grinnin’ ear to ear.” Chelsea: “They loved tractors and Moxie, that’s what they did.”The Quimby family has had their share of hardships through the years – a fire destroyed their home three years ago, not long after Eben’s father was diagnosed with m-s.Still, in the midst of it all, the family remains strong.Chelsea: “We are just so blessed as a family to have support and we are so thankful, for the love they show to us.” Adrienne Bennett, WABI TV5 News, Albion.