Hands of Hope Gifts Distributed 

You may have seen the many Hands of Hope trees displayed in area stores and businesses.Well on Saturday, all the gift requests on those trees were given out.Meghan Hayward has the story.In a year where many people have had to be careful with their money.Non-profit organization “Hands of Hope” has seen folks go above and beyond.” We are busting at the seams with over 70,000 dollars worth of gifts to give out to over 1,200 children in over 29 towns in Penobscot County.”There have been Hands of Hope tress standing in the entrances of Walmarts, restaurants, schools and other stores. On the trees are tags with gift requests by children from poverty-level families.Director of Hands of Hope, Kathy Harvey says she’s seen more practical requests this holiday season.” This year they are asking for a lot more needs than wants. But ofcourse we try to take care of a little want for a child. So if they need bedding we also try to get them that doll so they have something to open Christmas morning that’s fun.”Harvey says they couldn’t do it without the support of the community.” The reward is great but Hands of Hope is a bridge. We give to the needy because they public and community gives to us. So we’re just a bridge it’s the people out there that has just opened their hearts and just giving and giving to these children.”Something Harvey is really excited about this year.The number of bikes they have to give to children.” I think one of the things that has impressed me is the bikes that have come in this year. We have a lot of children that don’t have a bike and we’re trying to get them off their computer and out into the world on bikes. And I have over 100 bikes to give to people for Christmas.”Harvey says all the hard work builds up to the day they can finally distribute the gifts.And as the minutes ticked by, Harvey and her crew scrambled to get everything organized before folks could come and pick up their gifts.