Matthew Sylvester Makes First Court Appearance 

A Searsport man charged in connection with a shooting that involved a state trooper remains behind bars on a quarter-million dollars bail. Twenty-four-year-old Matthew Sylvester is charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault.He made his first court appearance Friday. Sylvester is accused of shooting 41-year-old Richard Brown of Frankfort Thursday morning.Police say the men were passengers in a car when they began to fight and got out of the car, which is when the shooting took place. Sylvester was later shot in the arm by a state trooper.Today in court, the state recommended a high bail because of prior records.The defense argued Sylvester acted in self defense and bail needed to be set lower.”It’s a very high bail. I quite frankly don’t think he’s going to be able to post that bail. That was really my intent quite frankly asking for a bail that high.””My client responded reasonably to force. Mr. Brown is a violent man. My client was scared of him and he responded appropriately. I think over time the evidence will reveal that. We have a strong defense here.”Bail was set at 250,000 dollars cash.Sylvester was treated for his gunshot wound and is behind bars at the Waldo County Jail.Police say Brown suffered multiple gunshot wounds, but is expected to survive.