Last Shopping Weekend Before Christmas 

Its the last weekend before Christmas and already economists are predicting the worst shopping rush since 2004. According to a survey by the National Retail Federation the average person has done less then half of their Christmas shopping this year, and 19% of shoppers haven’t even started. James McConnon Jr. Professor of Economics at the University of Maine says consumers hesitant about spending money. He says,”Consumers have been hesitant since the recessions has hit, and I think part of the reason why they are procrastinating is because they are waiting to get the best deals possible, and they’re thinking that waiting till the last week or so that they’ll get the best deal.”But McConnon warns consumers should not wait too long. He says, “Get out there as early as you can and do your shopping, but realize that a lot of retailers out there have managed their inventories very carefully this season and they may be out of something that you had your eye on a couple of weeks ago.”