EMCC Students Team With French Students 

A group of students at Eastern Maine Communnity College are getting a first hand look at what global manufacturing is all about. Charlie Whorton is an instructor at the Bangor based school and he wanted to give the students in his computer integrated machinery class a lesson in the real world of manufacturing. “The world of manufacturing is global so they need to work with people who don’t understand the same language, the same jargon,” says Whorton.Whorton’s son teaches the same class only his classroom is in France. The Whorton’s decided to have their students team up. “We did not want this effort to become the United States against France so we combined all of the students together and made 4 teams,” says Wharton, “the teams are made up of American students and French students so we have red, white, blue, and black. Those are the common colors of our flags.”The teams mission?. Design a tennis ball launcher. Team members in Bangor meet with their french teammates via video conference. Phillip Moulton is a student at EMCC. “It’s a great experience,” he says, “I’ve learned a lot about their culture. The different aspects of their lives and how they live it’s very different from how we do things.” Moulton will be heading to France in February for 10 weeks to study with his teammates while some French students will spend ten weeks here in Bangor. So when will the teams unveil their tennis ball launchers? “Probably the beginning of May at which time we’re going to have a contest of which ball launcher launches the furthest and also an accuracy competition,” says Wharton.Both instructors are hoping the students learn the value of global teamwork. Francois Ollier is one of the instructors who teaches engineering to the French students. She is here in Bangor visiting and says she hopes the students remain in touch after their project is over. “I hope they will keep the link the American teams,” says ollier, “maybe visit them in America or maybe receive them in France. I think it would be interesting to see the link continue.”