Company Proposes Wind Farm Expansion 

A Canadian company wants to expand a wind power project on Sisk Mountain in Franklin County.A public hearing on the proposal was held in Augusta Wednesday.Trans Canada wants to rezone more than 600 acres to add to an area already zoned for their wind power project.Supporters, like Pittsfield’s state representative Stacy Fitts, say it’s a great opportunity for Maine.Those opposed to the rezoning groups like the Citizen’s Task Force on Wind Power and Friends of the Boundary Mountains say there needs to be more regulation and discussion when it comes to wind power. “What we didn’t hear from the task force about was does the 27 megawatts of wind power actually mean in terms of number of turbines and miles of ridges that would be required, and how much electricity does that mean to the grid, and that’s a very small percentage for a huge amount of destruction of the mountain land space,” Said the Co-Chair of the Citizen’s Task Force on Wind Power, Steve Thurston. “I think that that the area where we are talking about is where the wind is in Maine, so as far as land based wind the task force when it drew the map tried to be as specific as they could, but still were general in how the lines were drawn,” Said Representative Fitts.The Land Use Regulation Commission says it’s gathering information from both sides before they make a final decision.