Winterport First-Graders Make Gingerbread Houses 

They were making gingerbread houses.Meghan Hayward has the story.There was frosting and candy galore in this first-grade classroom.”I wanted it to be a little fancy and a little cool because it’s very pretty to me.””It kind of looks like an old house but it’s kind of a new one.”But putting together gingerbread houses is a little tricky.”The graham crackers to put on because you had to put a lot of frosting on it.””The snowman and the Christmas tree.”This is something the school has been doing for 18 years.”It’s really important. We have so many obligations with school curriculum and assessments. It’s nice to let them let loose for a little bit and have a little fun before the holidays.”But a lesson is learned too.”They share. They bring in materials and they need to share with each other and they swap. Our little motto in first grade is sharing is caring.”And the kids creativity always surprises the teachers.”Every year I am amazed. And it’s interesting the time they put into it and you can kind of see their personalities in each of them.”There’s no doubt the gingerbread houses are a hit with the kids.And they’re happy to show them off.”The presents under the tree. Oh and right here the three bears. They’re playing ball and the ball is covered in the grass.”