Employees at Bangor Hydro Inspired to Donate 

The number of children who receive holiday gifts through the non-profit Hands of Hope in Bangor grows each year. But so does the number of people who decide to help by donating presents. Some employees from a local company were caught in the kind act, Wednesday.Hands of Hope Director Kathy Harvey welcomed them with open arms.”Bangor Hydro, such tender-hearted people over there. They just brought gifts for 65 children. They have cash donations. They have check donations. We just cash the checks and send them out shopping,” she says.She says employees at Bangor Hydro were inspired to donate by this man, Peter Welch, an electrician who asked his co-workers to pitch in.”We raised one thousand dollars cash, plus our company donated a 500-dollar check,” Welch says.He says people just opened their wallets after hearing about the more than one thousand kids Hands of Hope will serve this year, in 29 area towns– some in state-run facilities, many whose stories make people want to help.”We have some that we can’t even put on camera. But there’s children out there that are not going to have a Christmas except for what we give them. They may not be with their parents this year,” Harvey says.”After hearing the stories of those children, it broke my heart. It really broke my heart,” Welch says. “And you know what? I work all year round and I make a good living, so if I can do a little bit to help somebody out, it’s a blessing to me.”Harvey says these bits of help, from so many people, add up, and this year they should be able to fill all their requests.”The giving this year from the local community and businesses has just blown my mind,” she says. “I can’t believe it. I thank them and I thank everybody for their help.”Welch and his co-workers will be back Saturday, to give the presents out.