Traveling Menorah Makes Its Way to Bangor 

The giant traveling Menorah made its way to Bangor earlier this evening.The celebration was brought to the Bangor Mall.Tonight was the fifth night of Hanukkah, so the fifth candle on the Menorah was lit. There were other festivities as well, including a clown and a feast with traditional dishes like potato latkes.Rabbi Moshe Wilansky travels the state with the Menorah, celebrating Hanukkah and spreading the message of the holiday.”It shows us the way a small group of weak, won against the might. this is a lesson for 2009, that we sometimes feel we can’t accomplish too much, we’re one single person, but we can accomplish a lot.” says Wilansky.The Menorah was in Augusta earlier today. Tomorrow the celebration is headed to Lewiston. The Menorah will be set up at the Lewiston Mall.