Housing for Young Adults with Certain Disabilities 

An Ellsworth mother is pushing for housing for young adults with certain disabilities.As Meghan Hayward tells us, she’s seen the need for such housing, first hand.Linda Elliott is a social worker at an Ellsworth nursing home.And the mother of 26-year-old Jake Van Meter, who has cerebral palsy.Elliott says housing for young adults like Jake does not exist in maine, but is needed.She sees applications for folks in similar situations come through the nursing home, but they can’t always take them in.”Quite often we don’t look at accepting these individuals because their needs are so different than the majority of the population”So Elliott decided to go after her dream, the Jacob Brewer House.”My vision is that they would be the ones calling the shots pretty much. They have the cognitive capabilities of learning how to manage staff, know what’s required to maintain a house inside and out, and at shopping and developing their own budgets.”Elliott says social interaction is important for young adults.She says her son and a male from Penobscot are already on the house list.”In just watching these two individuals have the opportunity to interact and have a purpose they’ve gone from severely depressed to excited about life and their future.”Jake is a University of Maine student and has lived at the Courtland Rehab and Living Facility in Ellsworth for eight years.While Elliott says they do a great job, it’s just not the perfect fit for Jake.”At one point in time he began to withdraw and become very angry and so we started doing more things, taking him to hockey games and starting talking about starting a place like this and his demeanor started to turn around.Elliott hopes to open the doors of the Jacob Brewer House by June 2011.”When I start to get tired and I think this is just too much work, we’ll then have a meeting and I think oh it’s never too much work. It’s got to be done.”If you’d like to make a donation to the Jacob Brewer House call Linda at 460-9097.