Bangor Music Studio Helping Kids Stay In Tune 

The holiday season is all about helping those who are less fortunate and the people at Main Street Music studios in Bangor have certainly embraced the holiday spirit. Andrew Clifford is the President there and says kids with an interest in music should be able to chase that dream. “So basically what we’re doing is trying to collect instruments, electric, acoustic,” says Clifford, “that people are willing to donate for kids that are in need of them and can’t afford them that are interested in music so we can help the kids that are interested in music play.”This is one instance where something you may have sitting in a closet somewhere could help brighten the holidays for some lucky kid out there. Anna Aldridge is an instructor at Main Street Music Studios. “How many of us have an old instrument we’ve carried around for years and hasn’t been touched and a kid could be using that so it’s a great program that we’ve got,” she says, “so if there’s an old instrument in your closet bring it in because there’s a kid who could really learn to play it.”Clifford says the response has been overwhelmingly positive. “Even students parents would come in and say we have an old violin , or an old saxophone, or even drum sticks, anything,” he says, “we’re taking accessories to so anything that can help kids cross that barrier about not being able to play because they can’t afford it.”The folks at Main Street Music Studios say they don’t want money to be a roadblock for kids who truly have a love for music. “It’s so, so important because everyone needs their niche and for some kids music could be the thing that keeps them off the street and keeps them out of trouble,” says Aldridge.They’re not stopping at instruments, the folks here are also collecting Coats For Kids, money for the Red Cross, and non-perishable food items for Manna. “They can go to our website, or they can come right here, 49 Main Street,” urges Clifford, “feel free to come in and drop off food, money for the Red Cross, or donate instruments.”