SPCA of Hancock County 

Three years ago, the SPCA of Hancock County set out on an ambitious plan.They needed two million dollars to build a new facility, all donated.In October, they reached that goal.Joy Hollowell shows us what the money is being spent on.=========”Meow””dogs barking”These are the sounds you’d typically find at the SPCA of Hancock County. “nail going into wood”But lately, those barks and purrs have been drowned out by the sound of progress. These nails are pounding in the results of two-million dollars in community donations.”We went about going through a phase project. Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3. And the building we’re in right now is Phase 1,” says Doug Radziewicz, executive director of the SPCA of Hancock County.It opened back in 2007, and within weeks, was filled to capacity.”Really, we can only take in five dogs at a time. And our capacity for adult cats is about 20 to 25.”Radziewicz says they wanted to start with this facility, to prove to the public that the SPCA was serious about helping animals.”And when we did this, and we were able to help right away, I think that was a big step for the community to see overall, that the SPCA really wants to make a difference,” says Radziewicz.This new building is a larger version of the first one. “We’re going to be able to triple or maybe even five times the number of animals that come into our facility,” says Radziewicz.It will also house a room for small animals like rodents and ferrets. And there will be a community resource room for the public. They plan to open in the spring.By that time, Radziewicz hopes the shelter will be well on its way to raising enough funds for the final phase.”Our third phase is to build a large animal barn and a paddock so that when the state goes in, and they do need to remove a couple of animals quickly, they have a safe haven for them right away,” says Radziewicz.Joy Hollowell, WABI TV 5 News, Trenton.=========The SPCA of Hancock County is a non-profit organization.They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. To 5 p.m.If you’d more information on the SPCA of Hancock County, including how to donate to their endowment fund, you can log onto or call them at 667-8088.