Bangor Woman Gives Back For Literacy 

A Bangor business owner is showing her appreciation to Literacy Volunteers of Bangor. She’s using the skills they taught her to help pay them back.When Christine Chou first approached by Literacy Volunteers of Bangor, she was interested in volunteering according to Executive Director Mary Marin-Lyon. “She came to us and she wanted to help Chinese immigrants learn English,” she says, “she spoke Mandarin and English and she wanted to help beginners.”It wasn’t long after that chou asked for a little help. “Throughout the process, she realized she had gaps in her english as well,” says Marin-Lyon.Andrea Martin teaches English at Brewer High School and volunteers at Literacy Volunteers of Bangor. She began tutoring Chou about a year ago and she says her new student was curious right from the start. “Well she loved to read the newspaper and a lot of times we would read the newspaper together,” says Martin, “and she would ask a lot of questions about terminology.”Chou says she’s mainly curious about the cultural differences between the United States and her native China. “Well we actually read a book together called “Out of the Dust” and it was a memoir style book and I said, ‘Hey Christine you could do this too. You can write your life like this woman did,” says Martin.Chou took on the challenge. “So I just cannot stop writing and I kept going and published a book,” Chou says.The book, “A Chinese Woman’s Thoughts on American Culture,” is on sale at both of the chinese restaurants she owns: Chopsticks in Bangor, and China Garden in Orono. The book costs $7.00 with all proceeds going to Literacy Volunteers of Bangor. “Because I think I receive the favor from them and i should return the favor.”